Rakhee Dhingra

CEO, Broker of Record

I started Mortgage Savvy with the aim of creating a brokerage that focuses less on the transaction and more on the connection.

I wanted to build a business in which realtors and brokers partner together to deliver more value than the banks ever could.

In a world where we do everything online, relationships are more important than ever.

My background is in financial services. I worked my way up the ladder at the big banks, first as a teller, then a financial advisor, and eventually a financial services manager. It was through this experience that I learned how important relationships were. It wasn’t just about the numbers; it was about understanding our clients’ needs and providing a higher level of service.

When I had my daughter, my world changed. My career was always important to me, but I had to find a new balance. I decided to get my mortgage license in the hopes of doing a couple of deals a month.

I started working closely with real estate agents, partnering with them to help them reach their goals.

I took the model I learned from my experience in corporate banking, and applied it to the agent. The goal was to build referral pipelines for realtors, and to become a fundamental part of their business model. Suddenly, our Realtor Program was born. Now, our realtor’s success is our success. We become a true business partner to them, sitting in on their team meetings and contributing ideas and resources to help them thrive.

The truth is, I had no idea Mortgage Savvy would transpire to become the brokerage it is today.

Never in a million years did I think I’d start my own business. All I wanted was to set an example for my daughter, and to show her she is capable of achieving anything she sets her mind to. This is what drives me.

I am blessed to be surrounded by an incredible team with amazing energy. Every day, I work with clients who feel like extended family to me. I get attached to their stories – I’m invested in their financial decisions along with them. What I do doesn’t feel like work – I get lost in it, wondering where the time has gone.

It may seem unusual for a mortgage broker to want their clients to become mortgage free; but this is the natural objective for me.

For six years, I rented a home and paid someone else’s mortgage. When my husband and I decided to buy, we purchased with 5% down and we didn’t even have 5%. But we made some changes in our lifestyle and found a way to make it happen.

Six and a half years later, we were mortgage free. I felt like I got my life back at that moment. My entire outlook is different now.

When I get up and come to work, it’s because I want to be here.

It’s a choice, not an obligation.

I want our clients to know what it feels like to be in control of the decisions you make, and to live an authentic life the way you want to live it. To me, this is the dream. And I’d love for you to be a part of it.

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