Mortgage Savvy Pre-approval

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Your Mortgage Pre-Approval Opens a World of Possibilities

We want you to feel comfortable and confident as you approach the house-hunting journey. This means coming prepared, understanding what mortgage size you can truly afford, how much your payments will amount to, and what interest rate options are available to you. When you choose a Mortgage Savvy Pre-Approval, you can rest assured knowing we will do everything in our power to make the process as seamless and enjoyable as possible for you.

A Mortgage Savvy Pre-Approval Will:

Make your life easier.

When you choose your mortgage, you’re choosing a lifestyle. With a little Mortgage Savvy, you’ll achieve peace of mind knowing you’re shopping for a home that fits with your financial goals.

Give you the power to negotiate.

Not only will your mortgage pre-approval letter save you time by eliminating financing conditions, but you’ll also become a more attractive prospect to sellers, putting you in a better position to negotiate.

Provide access to our financial concierge service.

When you become Mortgage Savvy, you can count on our knowledge of the market and financial expertise to support you every step of the way. You’ll gain a better understanding of your financial situation, and receive sound feedback and ongoing advice to help you improve your personal wealth.

Put your needs first, every time.

You are always our top priority. We’re here to shop the mortgage lenders on your behalf. And we work for you – not for the banks. We’ll bring you access to over 40 lenders, providing the flexibility to craft creative solutions to meet your financial goals.

mortgage savvy first-time buyer pre-approval checklist

identification sin card & driver’s license


letter of employment


current pay stub


notice of assessments (last two years)


30-day bank statement


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