Ready to upgrade

Ready To Upgrade

Upgrading Your Home (and Your Mortgage) to Suit Your Needs

As your family grows, so does your lifestyle.

There’s a reason they say buying a home the second (or third, or fourth) time around is easier. You’ve been through the process before. And by now you know, it doesn’t pay to take shortcuts with your mortgage.

With a little Mortgage Savvy, you can pay less interest and achieve your financial goals faster.

When you work with us, you’ll have the advantage of benefiting from our market knowledge, as well as our connections with both private lenders and big banks. This means we’ll not only secure the best rate for you, but we’ll craft creative solutions to find the financing solution that supports your future goals and dreams.

Our concierge financial services don’t stop at renewal time, either.

You can trust us to keep you advised of your progress, and hold you accountable to your goals. We’re here to improve your personal wealth by providing sound feedback and advice throughout the life of your mortgage.

We can always beat the banks’ best rates.

But since you’ve been through this before, you know the lowest rate isn’t always the most important factor. You can trust us to read the find print and keep you informed of top-up options or penalties that can affect your financial future.

When we partner together, we can accomplish amazing things.

A partnership between your realtor and broker will get you the most value for your money. We can take weeks off the process by working with your realtor get you the home you want.

Are you ready to move up and move on?

mortgage savvy ready to upgrade checklist

Are you ready to move up and move on?

sin card


employment & income verification


30-day bank statement


property taxes


current pay stub


notice of assesments (last two years)


current mortgage statement


confirmation of your down payment


Have the paperwork ready? Let's get started.

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