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Is now the right time to renew your mortgage?

Is Now the Right Time to Renew Your Mortgage? The new mortgage rules, which officially took effect on January 1st, 2018, are taking over headlines in the media. But a recent survey found over a third of Canadians aren’t aware of the new rules at all. Instead, most of the country is simply focused on [...]

4 Ways Home Buyers Will Be Affected By the New Mortgage Rules

4 Ways Home Buyers Will Be Affected By the New Mortgage Rules Feeling stressed about the new “stress test”? Here’s what you need to know… As of January 1st, 2018, all home-buyers will be required to undergo a new “stress test” – regardless of your down payment amount. This will not only reduce how much [...]

Rent Vs. Buy

There’s a social pressure in western culture to become a homeowner. As kids, we live with this expectation that we’ll “grow up” and buy a home of our own one day.

Open vs. Closed Mortgages

Despite the abundance of information available online in regards to mortgages, there’s a lot of confusion around the different terms. We’re here to make it easier on you…

How Much Can You Afford?

Stretching your finances too thin can lead to unnecessary stress. Your mortgage is a tool that’s meant to support your financial goals, not hinder them. The key is to know your numbers and find a solution that works within your means.