Vanessa Galle

Director of Marketing

Branding is all about attention to detail – it’s about ensuring every element delivers value to the business as a whole. I love playing a role in building a brand from the ground up, and being part of bringing the Mortgage Savvy vision to life.

I went to school for photography and design, and spent much of my career working at design agencies in Toronto. During this time, I managed brand development for large corporate clients and experienced the evolution of branding from all levels.

Now, I lean on this experience in the work I do for Mortgage Savvy.

When I was presented the opportunity to partner with Rakhee, I knew right away it was a good fit. Her top priorities as a broker and business owner are building relationships and helping clients improve their lifestyle; and this separates her from the rest of the industry.

The Mortgage Savvy brand is a reflection of everything that makes this business unique.

Effective branding requires a clear understanding of your niche, the needs of your target clients and the value you bring to the table. It means aligning your brand strategy to the internal operations of your business.

Mortgage Savvy is all about the details in everything we do – where we’re planning an open house or securing the right mortgage for a client. From promotional materials to personal gifts, there’s no limit on the creativity we bring to the table. Every connection is made with the highest level of integrity.

It’s my job to ensure the Mortgage Savvy brand communicates these elements in a holistic way. And I love the challenge in that.

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