Orville Edwards

Mortgage Agent

In my role as a Mortgage Broker, I look at every client’s situation from a personal standpoint.

Before becoming a mortgage broker, I worked in community development, formerly as an advocate for youth. I lean on this experience daily when working with clients looking for a mortgage. I put my life coach hat on, and take it upon myself to understand their plans and goals. I start asking the important questions: Where will your family be in five years? Are you planning on having kids? Will you be working the same job? Will your teenager be heading off to college?

These are all milestones that should be considered when finding the right mortgage. I want to ensure you feel equipped for these life changes, so you can adapt your finances as needed, without having to worry about the pre-payment penalties.

I know, because I’ve been through it myself.

When I invested in my first property, I felt misled in the mortgage process. It wasn’t until I did the research on my own that I realized I lost out on thousands of dollars. The agent I worked with didn’t have a clue either. He didn’t care about my life goals. I just had to deal with it.

For me, it’s all about the relationships.

At Mortgage Savvy, our clients are like extended family to us. I care about my clients on a personal level. I am never going to suggest you do something that I wouldn’t do. The most gratifying part of the work I do is knowing I helped you find a place where you can invest your time and energy, and create a life for your family. I’ll answer every question you have and provide all of the clarification you need along the way, so you feel comfortable and confident when making important financial decisions.

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