Nicole Farrugia

Director of Operations, Mortgage Agent

I truly believe the most important part of my job is to guide you down the right path and find you a mortgage product that fits with your lifestyle.

That means building a relationship with you to understand your goals and helping you to achieve the future you’ve always dreamed of.

I know first-hand how important it is to find a solution that has the flexibility to meet your goals because, the truth is, I didn’t expect to be here.

I spent nearly 20 years in the legal industry working my way up the corporate ladder before deciding I wanted to be in the driver’s seat of my career and put my family first. This path led me to the mortgage world.

But I never wanted to simply transact. I want to help people.

As Director of Operations I help cultivate the relationships that mean so much to our business. By acting as a trusted advisor for our team, clients, and realtor partners, I’m able to support our vision to deliver a personalized service you could never achieve at the big banks.

As a homeowner myself, I know how complicated the home-buying process can be. This is why I’m invested in the education piece of our business, to make sure you understand every step along the way, so you can leave feeling comfortable and confident in your purchase.

You can trust me to go above and beyond to make sure your homeownership journey is everything you’ve ever hoped for.

I believe that when you put the maximum effort into something, the sky is the limit in terms of how far you can grow.

Whether you are a home-buyer or a real estate agent ready to grow your business, I’d love to help you invest in your future.

You can reach Nicole at:

Tel: 416-725-3999


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