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With the current pandemic, many Canadians have built up equity in their homes, but may feel they’re squeezed for cash.⁠

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In today’s low interest rate environment, refinancing your mortgage may be an attractive strategy to lower your total monthly payments or to use the equity for other financial goals that will reap future rewards.⁠

access home equity​

Your home equity – your home’s value minus the balance of your mortgage – is available for you to withdraw and invest…

By refinancing, you can access up to 80% of your home’s value less any outstanding mortgages. That’s extra money for investment opportunities, home renovations, or your children’s education. There are several ways to access this equity including breaking your mortgage, taking on a home equity line of credit or blending and extending your mortgage with your current lender.

lower your mortgage rate

One great reason to refinance your mortgage is to secure a lower mortgage rate, saving yourself money over time. 

Breaking your contract for a lower interest rate can save you money over time, depending on the penalty and the size of your outstanding mortgage.

consolidate debt

Did you know that you can combine all of your high-interest debt – including debt from credit cards, auto loans and personal loans.

If you have enough equity in your home, you will be able to pay-out high-interest debt through a refinance. For example, if you have a number of outstanding debts, such as a car loan, a line of credit, or credit card bills, you may be able to save $ monthly on your payment obligations.

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